• Ultimate elemental flexibility
  • Simple standardisation with iCAL
  • simplified operator views and dedicated toolbar buttons.


SPECTROLAB – Ultimate performance for the next generation of metal analysis

  • Highly accurate results in under 20 seconds (example: low-alloy steels) and analysis of main alloying elements in under 12 sec. (example: iron, aluminum and copper materials)
  • Unique iCAL 2.0 one sample standardization helps maintain the same standardization — regardless of most temperature shifts and saves on average 30 minutes per day
  • Up to 50 % reduced argon consumption than previous models in standby mode and 13 % less during full-flow operation
  • 30 % improved detection limits for high purity copper analysis compared to its predecessor

SPECTRO, the arc/spark innovation leader, has spent 40-plus years developing superlative OES instruments. Recently it’s perfected solid-state detectors using proprietary CMOS+T technology to revolutionize high-end arc/spark OES analysis — with SPECTROLAB S.

This instrument’s efficiency and economy are continuously improved by systematic voice-of-customer inputs and rigorous usability testing. So now a fully reimagined software suite brings even more functional, customizable ease of use. Argon consumption is reduced by up to 50 % in standby mode and by 13 % when measuring samples. A fast analysis program enables 12-second measurement of main alloying elements in some key metals. And trace limits of detection (LODs) for high-purity copper are improved by 30 %.

SPECTROLAB S is designed to supply the fastest possible measurements; greatest throughput; lowest limits of detection; longest uptime; and most future-proof flexibility available. It’s the instrument of choice for primary and secondary metal producers, automotive and aerospace manufacturers, and makers of finished and semifinished goods.

The unit’s new Spark Analyzer Pro software presents a revolutionary new level of operator interface simplicity. The program includes straightforward, self-explanatory icons and a familiar, ergonomic approach with little learning curve. Only authorized users can access the method development / knowledge base module for more complex tasks.
SPECTRO has spent more than 30 years developing the world’s leading OES instruments. A host of improvements, enhancements, and groundbreaking technological innovations make its new spectrometer the ideal analytical answer for primary metal producers and other critical applications.

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